Five Hazardous Chemicals You can Get From Tap Water

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Did you know that there are harmful chemicals in your supposedly safe drinking water? Governments have never tried to hide the fact that there are chemicals found in tap water. However, top officials focus on what they consider helpful chemicals such as fluoride. The emphasis on fluoride and best tetraethyl lead has even forced residents from avoiding filtered tap water because fluoride is needed to protect teeth from decay.

No one can argue the benefit of fluoride but other, more harmful chemicals and additives can be found in tap water. Following are five chemicals found in tap water that are most dangerous.

1. Chlorine

Yes, this chemical kills bacteria in swimming pools and your drinking water. But this chemical also dries out your skin and hair. The lotion industry stays afloat because this drying chemical is in most water supplies.

2. Lead

This is among dangerous chemicals found in tap water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, too much lead in the human body can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells.

Unfortunately, the best tetraethyl lead can come from your own home and not from the water supply. Your pipes, whether they are copper or lead, new or old, can cause unusually high levels of lead. The only way to remove this chemical is to use filtered tap water.

3. Pesticides

Over the past 20 years, scientists say that more pesticides are seeping into the groundwater supply. While local governments make valiant efforts to keep the pesticide levels know, little is known about the long-term effects of minimum exposure to pesticides. Exposure could lead to chronic health problems.

4. Benzene

Studies have identified this chemical as a carcinogen and have even gone as far as to say it could be a factor in leukemia. In addition to water, benzene is added to gas to increase its octane and is found in cigarette smoke. Drinking filtered tap water will help eliminate this chemical.

5. Other heavy metals. Arsenic, mercury and cadmium

These chemicals can seep into a water supply and can go undetected. Urban areas are particularly vulnerable. Heavy metals can lead to cancer, nervous system damage and in extreme cases – death. Studies are still being conducted on the long term effects of these chemicals found in household water.

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