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December 31, 2020
cetane improver

Using the best cetane improver will help enhance the cetane in diesel. Your diesel engine doesn’t work perfectly every time. Sometimes, it might not run correctly, a little rough. Making noises, and it doesn’t seem to have power. You might also have a diesel generator; it is hard to start and create black smoke.

Make sure you are using diesel fuel with a suitable cetane rating. Having a great cetane value in diesel engines will make you note the difference between good driving and poor driving.

What is Cetane Rating?

Cetane rating suggests how well the diesel fuel burns in a usual manner. Using diesel fuels with a low rating will make the engine run more roughly and without power. Insufficient diesel fuel cetane rating means the diesel fuel will not combust quickly enough in that engine.

The common cetane improvers are highly combustible at high temperatures. If they are present in the fuel, they burn quicker than the rest of the fuel. When one part of the fuel burns, it causes other parts to burn. The diesel cetane improver makes the fuel burn more efficiently.

The easy way to improve cetane in diesel fuel is by adding a cetane with a higher rating. Adding a higher cetane increases the fuel’s overall cetane rating. Cetane is the opposite of octane in gasoline. Gasoline with a low octane rating burns quickly. Diesel fuel with a low cetane rating burns too slowly.

Cetane VS Octane:

For diesel engines, you need to search for cetane suppliers, while for gasoline, look for octane booster suppliers.

  • They both work in opposite terms.
  • Diesel users identify the cetane ratings in diesel fuel while octane ratings of gasoline.
  • Comparison can be noted by the combustion qualities of the fuel.
  • A better cetane rating in a diesel engine means the fuel burns faster in a cylinder while a better octane rating in gasoline means that the gas burns slowly.

How to Choose Between Cetane or Octane?

Both gas and diesel engines are built to perform best when using fuel with a specified octane or cetane rating. Both types of engines will have performance concerns if the fuel rating is too low. So, if a diesel engine requires 45 cetane fuel and you only have 42 cetanes, installing a cetane improver will undoubtedly help.

If you have the same engine that needs 45 cetanes, and your fuel is also 45, then adding more cetane to the fuel is an excellent choice. For this, your engine manufacturer can guide you in the best manner. Ask your manufacturer what he recommends and choose accordingly.

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