What does the Best Octane Booster Does in Gasoline

To Keep A Vehicle In Good Shape, How Octane Boosters Work
January 21, 2020

Most of the folks think that higher octane content in gasoline efficiently charges the combustion in the engine cylinder. Similarly, they presume that the supercharging of combustion provide them with additional power and performance. However, it is a misunderstanding regarding the function of the best octane booster that leads people to buy more gasoline than they need to.

If you note the rating for high octane for the given gasoline, what do they really show? That you will receive more power and better mileage? Or anything else?

Octane Rating

Gasoline’s octane rating mostly shows you how much the mixture of air-fuel can be compressed before it will ignite spontaneously. Gasoline having an optimal octane rating gives better performance in an engine designed to run on that level of octane. Refiners aim for the production gasoline which has higher octane rating so it will match the specifications for most types of engines. This is where ethanol has a significant role. Instead of best tetraethyl lead, ethanol is partially used for increasing the gas’ octane rating. Gasoline without ethanol needs to have other elements added to it to make up the octane difference.

Happening inside the Engine

Inside an engine, the piston moves up and down, with the injections calibrating the given amount of fuel into engine’s combustion chamber as the disk goes up towards top-dead-centre position. As the piston moves up, it compresses the fuel-air mix present in the cylinder. When the mixture of air-fuel gets ignited by the compression heat instead of spark from the spark plug, it causes knocking as well as power loss in the engine.

The sound is knocking is produced by two exploding “flame fronts”. One is from the pre-ignition of the fuel air-mix created by compression while the other from the remaining fuel-air being inflamed at a slightly different time via the spark plug. The two flame front get exploded and send shock waves through the cylinder’s air that meet in the combustion chamber and provide you with that irritating knock effect.

best octane booster

Gasoline with lower octane such as regular 87-octane gasoline has the ability to handle the least amount of compression before ignition. Your engine’s combustion ratio defines the octane rating of the gas you should use in the vehicle. Alternatively, the engine is designed to give its best performance with a particular octane rating of the gasoline. A driver with high performance contains a high compression ratio and demands fuel with higher octane to prevent it from premature ignition before the spark plug does it.

Wrap Up

So, octane does not increase the explosion as many people assume. What octane does is that it prevents the air-fuel mixture from the ignition before the spark plug does the same. Igniting the air-fuel mixture at the right time provides you with the optimal power your engine was made to get. Usage of higher octane gasoline instead of what your engine needs would be a perfect recipe to wasting your money. So, always buy the quality octane booster for your engine.

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