Seven Ideas of Fuel Saving for your Car

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July 9, 2021
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We love to complain about the fuel prices. However, only a few of us understand the mysteries surrounding the seemingly ups and downs in costs at the station. We only know the best cetane improver but there are some other factors one which we can improve our gas mileage. However, whether you have a new car or an old beater, have a look at fuel-saving tips while putting some extra bucks in your pocket.

Tire Pressures

Make a habit of regular checking of your tire pressures, once a week at least. Under-filled tires cause unrestrained rolling resistance that results in more fuel burning. Conversely, correct tire pressure will reduce rolling resistance and ultimately consume less fuel.

How heavy is your load?

It’s completely understandable if your vehicle is full of fuel your car will have to work harder to run which means it will take further gas to function. You will get times when this can’t be avoided.

However, there may be an accumulation of stuff in your vehicle that doesn’t need to be there every time, such as tire chains or sporting equipment. Your load can be lightened as often as possible while enjoying the perks of fuel-saving.

Watch your lead foot

If you are among those drivers who love accelerator punching to make swift maneuvers, you probably will not go to enjoy any fuel savings. Make an effort in maintaining a more consistent speed, and even utilize cruise control while highway driving. The tips just mentioned will help you in consuming less fuel and might even have you reaching your destination in a much smooth state!

It’s all about smooth

Jets are smooth and curved on the outside for a reason. They are specifically designed to allow air to pass through rather than create resistance to airflow. The same stands true for your vehicle. If you have piled luggage on the roof and opened all of your windows, the air can become “caught” and pull on your vehicle, slowing it down and requiring it to work much harder to maintain a consistent speed. Anything that works against efficiency will, once again, reduce your fuel savings.

Plan trips carefully

A cold car burns more fuel; did you know that? Probably don’t!

Consider completing all your errands in a single trip instead of taking many trips from a cold start. A warm car gives brings massive fuel savings than a cold one.

Premium versus regular fuel

People take a tremendous impression that buying premium fuel that has the best octane booster improves their fuel saving. However, it’s not a complete truth. Some studies indicate that nearly 6% of the vehicles on the road require premium fuel. If the manufacturer of your car isn’t advocating premium fuel then it’s simply a money wastage for you!

Schedule regular maintenance

Having your vehicle serviced and maintained can aid in your fuel-saving efforts. Even minor issues, such as under-inflated tires, poor quality oil, or corroded battery cables, can cause your car to work excessively hard and cost you money.

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