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TDS CHEMICAL CORP., LIMITED (TDS Chemicals) is the prominent and best cetane improver supplier in China. We are professional suppliers of additives utilized in diesel oil and gasoline. We are among the few suppliers who are able to offer Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) for both Avgas (TEL-B) and Motor Gasoline (TEL-CB) for aircraft.< We have a state-of-the-art production plant located in Zhejiang province, in China. TDS Chemicals is expanding as far as fuel additives for gasoline is concerned. Our major gasoline products include Antiknock-819 (A819, non-metal, and Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (MMT).
TDS chemical offers a broad range of cetane improvers. Cetane improver is a multi-dimensional diesel fuel additive and improves combustion attributes and diesel fuel ignition.
TDS chemicals’ best cetane improver maintains and cleans fuel system. It provides a significant reduction in emission and increases cetane number that helps to minimize engine start-up time together with combustion chamber deposits.
Our cetane improver improves fuel stability and prevents oxidation and resisting deposit formation. The fuel additive also lubricates the fuel pump, thus increases its life. Cetane improvers protect injector fuel pump and other components of the fuel system from abrasion.

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Cetane improver or 2-EHN is a flammable petroleum product. However, it is not an explosive item. A 2-EHN can be added up to 6,000 ppm (Nearly 0.6 per cent) into the diesel without the risk for the vehicle’s motor. The addition of 2-EHN will astonishingly increase the cetane number up to the plateau.
Cetane improver is a pure chemical item typically sold with purity above 99 per cent. Any leftover impurities (especially remaining water or acids) can decrease the shelf life of the product.
The best cetane improver purity is usually 99.8 per cent with water content is remains below 440 ppm.
To lower the delay in the ignition, cetane improver provides more time to the diesel to turn and drops the pressure present inside the chamber. Having a better consumption at lower pressure, emissions and use of diesel are lower.
Refineries produce various diesel fractions from different units. To blend, the more the refiners use low-quality diesel, the more profitable the mixture is. Then for reaching a cetane number of 51, refiners can add a low amount of TDS Chemicals’ cetane improver with immediate positive effect. Cetane number is the dominant fuel parameter in a cold engine with a low ambient temperature.
Our cetane improver amplifies the combustion by lowering the ignition delay. This results in the better warm-up, easier cold starts and therefore improves low-temperature start-ability.
Fueling your vehicle with our best cetane improver will yield better performance by allowing you for running the more aggressive timing with more significant boost on turbocharged vehicles.
So, contact us to give your vehicle a quality cetane improver.

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The technical data sheet of Cetane-707

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Cetane Improver (Cetane-707)


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